Realistic Painting & Custom Portraits

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Please do not copy or reproduce images without express permission of the artist. 

  • The higher the quality the photo is, the more detail I can paint in. Zoom up into your photo - if it is pixelated, you might be better with a smaller painting (black & white or color). If the photo is good quality, a larger painting (black & white or color) will let you put as much detail into the painting as you can. 
  • For portraits of people or pets, or paintings in color, it is always a good idea to have more than one reference photo. This helps me double-check for colouring and lighting effects, and helps make sure anyone being painted looks like them!
  • BUT - even poor quality pictures can make beautiful paintings! Just email me at and I'd be happy to give my recommendations. I'm always up for a challenge!​

Review the frequently asked questions about commissioning a painting below and review the shop policies for my Etsy shop KatherineBrownStudio for more information. Don't see the answer to your questions? Feel free to email me at for a personalized response!

How do I commission a painting?

  • Consider the general size of the painting you would like, the colour palette and the timeframe that would work best for you. Review your general pricing options for small paintings (black & white or color) and medium/large paintings (black & white or color). 
  • Email with your highest-quality photo(s). Note the recommendations for photos below. 
    • If you require the painting for a specific date, or have a tight timeline, please include this date in your email.
    • Please also inform me if the painting is intended as a gift and I will delay posting images of it. 
  • You will receive an email in 1-3 business days with:
    • 1) a sizing draft with your image cropped in various to-scale sizes
    • 2) options for custom sizes 
    • 3) any personalized recommendations for your painting (see common recommendations below). 
  • Once you have paid for your order at will email you with an updated timeline, and give you periodic updates on the progress of your painting. Most paintings will take 1-3 weeks to complete. 
  • When the painting is completed, you will be emailed photos of the painting (full pictures, closeups and angle shots of edges) prior to shipping & given the opportunity to request changes. Changes will be made within 1-4 days, and you will have the opportunity to review photos of the painting before shipping.

Custom Painting

Email your high quality photo to:

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Do you have any recommendations for size?

I will always give you a couple options for sizing and a sizing draft when you send me a photo, but common recommendations include:

  • If a photo is pixelated, it will look best on a smaller canvas. I will also give a recommendation for a maximum size with poorer-quality photos. 
  • If you are ordering the painting as a gift, sometimes it is nice to get a standard-size canvas (i.e. 8x10", 16x20", 18x24", etc.). Although I paint around the edges so framing isn't necessary, standard sizes could mean cheaper framing in case they might like to frame in the future.  
  • Depending on the dimensions of the canvas and the dimensions of your photo, there will almost always be some cropping. This is why I always send a sizing draft with your image cropped to-scale in different sizes to help you visualize the final product. 

What do you do with my photos and the painting photos? Do you post them?

I never post a client's original reference photo unless I've received expressed permission. However, I reserve the rights to photos I have taken of my painting before shipping. If you are concerned about the possible use of the picture of the painting on my website portfolio, Etsy Shop, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pintrest, please let me know and I would be happy to discuss it with you. 

Where can I purchase my custom painting?

FIRST - ​email your photo and discuss your preferences! If custom sizes are discussed, I will edit the listings below with custom prices. 

Then you can put your order into the following listings:

Do you have any discounts for local purchases?

Yes! If you are from Vancouver, please specify this before purchase - you may qualify for a meet-up delivery to avoid shipping costs!

Frequently Asked Questions

​Will the painting be ready to hang?

Yes. My paintings are done on stretched canvas with a wood frame. I paint around the edges of my commission paintings so they look nice with or without framing should you choose not to frame it later. If you would like the canvas prepped with screws and hanging wire, please ask before shipping. 

Do you sign your artwork?

Yes. If you would prefer I not sign it on the front, please specify this and I would be happy to sign it on the back instead. 

What is a good photo to paint?

Any photo that is special to you! I have experience paintings just about any kind of photo and I'm love a challenge. But keep these recommendations in mind:​​