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Custom Painting

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Painting Life... As I See It

Pet portraits are a recent passion of mine - I only started painting them in 2015 - but they are fast becoming one of my favourite subjects to paint. As any dog owner knows, every pet has their own personality and unique familiar face - it is my goal to capture this in every pet portrait.

Because I am a big dog-lover, I spend extra care on pets knowing how special they are to you. I especially love to know their names and backstories so feel free to share!

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Pet Portraits

I strive to capture the life in every photo I'm given and pride myself on accepting all kinds of photos to paint - portraits, pets, still life, landscapes and more! See examples of my work below, explore your options iBlack & White or Color,or check out my section for custom painting in my Etsy shop directly. 

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Cityscape Contemporary Portraits

I'm always trying to overcome a new challenge with each painting, one which I'm not entirely sure I am capable of, whether it is a particularly complicated visual element or trying a completely new style.  I've always been thrilled by complexity - the play of light on water and glass, the unique shapes created by highlights and shadows, the tiny details that seem beneath notice. 

Whether it is portraits, landscapes or still-life painting, I strive for a hyper-realistic look that brings out the details, and captures the memory in the photo - whatever it is.

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Still Life & Landscape

Based on my City in Her Soulseries, I have started offering original  custom acrylic paintings that combine your own realistic custom portraits with your favourite urban scene - perfect as a personalized, unique gift or as a custom souvenir of your favourite city. City images with beautiful city lights at night and street scenes are overlaid into the hair or clothing of the portrait and personalized to client preferences - Combine your favourite city with your own face, a friend's portrait or even a celebrity! 

Prices on the Etsy listing are for a 16x20" painting on canvas but please inquire if you would like a personalized listing for a different size!

I am absolutely fascinated by the human face: it's ability to convey infinite varieties of emotion with the slightest change; the uniqueness of every feature in contributing to the recognition of its identity; and, it's connection to the person beneath it. No face is perfect. But it is precisely this imperfection and asymmetry which makes us recognizable as ourselves, and it is what makes a face truly beautiful. For me, portraiture is a never-ending attempt to capture the life and movement of the individual within the constrains of a static presentation. I seek to challenge myself with every image and to capture the essence of every subject. 

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Realistic Painting & Custom Portraits