Realistic Painting & Custom Portraits

Based on my City in Her Soul series, I have started offering original  custom acrylic paintings that combine your own realistic custom portraits with your favourite urban scene - perfect as a personalized, unique gift or as a custom souvenir of your favourite city. City images with beautiful city lights at night and street scenes are overlaid into the hair or clothing of the portrait and personalized to client preferences - Combine your favourite city with your own face, a friend's portrait or even a celebrity! 

Get it Custom - A Personalized Souvenir

Check out this special Etsy listing for City in Her Soul style custom portraits. Prices are listed for 16x20" canvas but I would be happy to provide a custom price quote for other sizes. Just send your photo(s) to


Artist: Katherine Brown

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The City In Her Soul


July 2016

"Katherine was amazing to work with and the painting was stunning! I ordered a painting of a newlywed couple who recently eloped in New Orleans. She painted them with a beautiful New Orlebas scenery splashing throughout the picture! It was truly stunning."

Visit my the City in Her Soul sectionin my Etsy shop KatherineBrownStudio for available work for sale. Some pieces below may be sold.

The City in Her Soul series, inspired by a photo by Julia Wang, is an exploration of the intersection of portraiture and cityscape. In addition to their interesting aesthetic, the paintings calling to mind how our surroundings are a reflection of us, as we are reflected by the city in which we live. Branching off from a reproduction of Julia Wang's photograph (No. 1), the series so far incorporates images of Vancouver (Granville St. downtown Vancouver, Gastown, East Vancouver) and Toronto. Stay tuned for more to come!

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Custom Painting

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December 2016

"Fantastic painting. This piece caught my eye back in September at a gallery showing. I was fortunate enough to pick it up when it was on sale, although its original price was more than reasonable. I've had the pleasure of watching Katherine Brown's artistic talent develop over the years, and imo this piece is one of her best to date."